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We provide web based solutions providing

Websites can be implemented to your supplied designs, or our professional graphic artists can design a site for you.

Email design@rishistar.com to discuss your needs.

A Selection From Our Portfolio


An automated alert messaging system, allowing staff to be notified by SMS and email when machinery needs to alert a supervisor.

SIROCCO Bioinformatics

A Bioinformatics Portal for an EU funded project investigating silencing RNA.

As well as a standard CMS (Content Management System) a web front end was developed allowing the user to run a number of microRNA target prediction tools in a single go.

Cambridge Chiropractic

A Cambridge health centre providing chiropractors for treatment of back pain, neck pain and more .

Inkjet Flex

An engineering brand using a revolutionary digital Print and Plate technology to produce copper on polyester flexible circuits in any quantity..

As well as a standard CMS website a bespoke ordering application with administrative console was tailor made to meet the specific needs of the companies customers ordering printed circuitry.

In addition to the above we have designed websites as part of marketing campaigns in the US and Europe with text and voice messaging capabilities through our partnership with Sixteen30.